Who is Hijabi Bhabhi?

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Acclaimed British Indian Muslim adult performer Sahara Knite brings to you the persona of Hijabi Bhabhi. Sahara Knite was born in 1975 to a family of migrants from Gujarat, India and is a first-generation British Indian Muslim. Accordingly, Sahara was raised in a household which prized traditional Muslim values and religious orthodoxy.

However, growing up in the 1980s and 1990s, an era of major socio-cultural change across the globe, Sahara faced many challenges. From religion, culture, lifestyle, clothing choices and relationships, Sahara experienced first-hand the difficulties still faced by millions of Muslims growing up in the West today.

From Adult Entertainment to Mainstream Television

Sahara Knite’s career in the adult industry began in 2004. Featured regularly on Sky channels Babestation, LiveXXX, Sport and TVX, she became a much-demanded staple. As her stock grew, Sahara found herself in high demand, regularly working with the biggest names in the adult industry, from Britain, Europe and the United states. In 2010/2011, Sahara appeared as Armeca in HBO’s hit fantasy drama “Game of Thrones” in season and 1 and 2. Sahara’s appearance on Game of Thrones has paved the way for other television roles. Most recently, in 2019/2020 Sahara appeared as a featured extra in “Brave New world” as an extra in “The Great” and a featured extra in “The Girlfriend Experience”

Sahara Knite is Your Hijabi Bhabhi

As a first-generation British Muslim, having faced many challenges and struggles, Sahara Knite brings to you, Hijabi Bhabhi. Consequently, combining experience, prowess and irresistible panache, Sahara Knite is your Hijabi Bhabhi. Someone for you to talk to, someone who can relate to you and someone you can trust. You can turn to your Hijabi Bhabhi, whether it’s to do with relationships, religion, culture, lifestyle or fashion. Join Hijabi Bhabhi for a progressive and refreshing take! You can reach out to Hijabi Bhabhi through Q&As and other regular features. So, watch out for Hijabi Bhabhi’s forthcoming Youtube series for more!