Talking Indian Films, Tamil films, being South Asian and working in the porn industry

Talking Tamil films, Bollywood, Tollywood and the porn industry. with Tamil studio Beard Bird. I have a tendency to leave some interviewers slightly dissapointed because I don’t give then them all the glitz and glamour or seediness that they have come to associate with the adult industy. Honest and open is what you will get from me.

I discuss the challenges faced by an Indian Muslim female in the Adult Industry

An Insta live chat I had with Sangeeta of Masala podcast where we discussed the challenges I faced in the adult film industry, how it was perceived by wider Asian Muslim community in general and family . We also discuss how Its not all sexy lingerie and stilletos, the ins and outs of anal douching and South Asian culture.

Indian Muslim female working in the Adult Industry, Family expectations and making round rotis

In my capacity as an Indian muslim female performer, I chat with Roti Riot about my cultural and religous upbringing, how it does or does not affect me working in the adult entertainment industry and the importance of making rotis for females in some asian households.

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