Indian Muslim female working in the Adult Industry, Family expectations and making round rotis

In my capacity as an Indian muslim female performer, I chat with Roti Riot about my cultural and religous upbringing, how it does or does not affect me working in the adult entertainment industry and the importance of making rotis for females in some asian households.

What is hijab?

You’ve seen it and heard about it, now it’s time to join Hijabi Bhabhi answering the question: What is hijab? So, first thing’s first, hijab is actually an Arabic word which literally means veil or partition. In Arabic it looks like this: “حجاب” and its correct English transliteration is this: ḥijāb. Above all, and most commonly, hijab refers to the veil worn by Muslim women. However, although most Muslims consider the wearing of hijab toContinue reading “What is hijab?”

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